Covid-19 Halo Lanyards

Made in Korea, high quality Halo Lanyards for Covid-19 protection

  • Individually packed for easy use and travel
  • CE, FDA marked, WHO and NASA approved
  • Designed and validated for Covid-19 protection
  • Nontoxic, proven to kill viruses and germs, eco-friendly


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why have lanyard

    If you do a lot of travelling, you may want to use our Covid-19 Halo Lanyards to keep yourself more protected. Such solutions help cleanse the air around you and help reduce chance of infection.

  • What if I had Covid?

    If you had Covid-19 within the last six months, you may be eligible for Covid Recovery Certificate. This would allow you to travel 11 days after you tested positive but please remember that you need to have proof of positive result in order to be eligible.