Case Study – Fugro

Agilis Health has provided the world’s leading geo-data specialist Fugro, with a cost-effective solution to managing travel and mobilisation procedures during the Covid-19 pandemic.

About Fugro

Fugro’s services include marine geoconsulting, geotechnics, geophysical surveys and metocean surveys. Many technicians, engineers and surveyors travel in and out of the UK frequently to work on land, nearshore and offshore projects acquiring and analysing geo-data for their global clients.

Recent hotel quarantine procedures resulted in additional costs for Fugro, with many employees spending further time away from home and in-between projects.

Fit to Fly

Agilis Health provided home administered PCR testing with remote nurse support. Fugro employees with negative test results were able to travel to projects without delay. We spoke to Operations Manager, Trevor Moore, to find out more.

What were your first impressions of working with Agilis?

My first impressions were positive, the team at Agilis Health were very responsive and knowledgeable.

How did the working relationship with Agilis progress and in what way did it meet your expectations?

As well as supplying us with everything we’d need for the Fit to Fly requirements, Agilis were able to cater to our employee needs by implementing a bespoke payment platform into their process.

Originally employees were paying for tests up front, then claiming back costs within their monthly expenses. We didn’t want our employees out of pocket, as many were completing multiple Fit to Fly tests each month. Agilis were able to implement a revised payment platform, eliminating the need for monthly expense claims.

On several occasions, we needed guaranteed delivery dates for some of our testing kits and results. The Agilis team worked hard to accommodate each of our requests in a timely manner.

How would you describe your overall experience in working with Agilis?

Positive, the Agilis Health team has been very helpful and assistive, taking on board our feedback and dealing with our requests promptly.

How likely are you to recommend Agilis to others and why?

I’d recommend Agilis Health to others. They’ve been accommodating, helpful and are very knowledgeable. Overall Agilis has helped us implement a cost and time effective system that enables staff who receive negative test results to mobilise on Fugro projects.

The ability to receive results within 48 hours means many of our team are able to return to their homes or travel in between projects without delay.

Talk to us

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