Drug & Alcohol Screening Services

Agilis Health provide an extensive range of confidential and comprehensive drug and alcohol screening services.

Drug & Alcohol Screening Services

Reasons for testing

Induction Process

Where a drug and/or alcohol test is a pre-condition of employment. This may be the case for certain types of employment where the employee takes safety-critical decisions like drivers, pilots, and some machinery operators.

For-cause Screening Test

Following an incident in which an employee is involved and there is a requirement to take an alcohol and/or drug test.

Random, Regular and Ad Hoc Test

To understand the prevalence of drug and alcohol use within a workforce population, selecting a random cross-section of employees for testing.

On the Spot Drug Test

If the employer suspects drug and alcohol misuse.

Going the extra mile

Screening alone does not solve problems caused by drug and alcohol misuse and, where introduced, should be part of a company’s overall health and safety policy.

Agilis Health, however, goes a step further than many providers, through our ability to arrange follow-up care and support for employees, should there be a non-negative result.

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