Covid Recovery Certificate for Travel

£59 including VAT

Have you had a positive Covid test recently and want to travel? If so we can help.

If you have tested positive for Covid within the last 6 months you can get a Covid Recovery Certificate to travel. Currently, some countries accept certificates that confirm COVID-19 recovery (within the past 180 days) before being allowed entry.

Simply book online and follow the instructions and you’ll receive your digital certificate via email within 12 hours. No need for appointments and available for all vaccination statuses.

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How it works

1. Book online

No appointment necessary simply book online and start the process when you’re ready.

2. Provide proof

Provide proof of a positive test, this must be within the last 6 months and not within the last 10 days.

3. Fill in the form

Fill in the necessary fields in the online form so we’ve got everything we need to provide the certificate.

4. Certificate within 12 hours

One of our medical professionals will check your application, then we’ll email your certificate within 12 hours.

Eligibility criteria

Recently recovered

Anyone recovered from covid within the last 6 months

No symptoms

If you haven’t had any symptoms for 48 hours you can apply after 11 days.

minimum age for blood test kit
Parent or guardian

Anyone over the age of 5 (if you are under the age of 18, then a parent or guardian must complete the form)

Vaccination status

Any vaccination status

Frequently Asked Questions