COVID-19 Testing

As the Coronavirus continues to impact us in business and our personal lives, it’s essential we continue to protect the health and safety of everyone.

What are the different types of COVID-19 tests?

PCR Tests

Considered the gold standard Covid-19 test, a PCR provides the highest level of accuracy and little possibility of false positives.

PCR tests require lab processing and once received at the lab, turnaround time is typically 15 hours.

Antigen Tests

Antigen tests are quicker than other approaches, typically producing a result within 15 minutes on a device similar to a pregnancy test.

They are also an ideal solution for a regular screening program for both corporate environments and individuals.

Antibody Tests

Antibody testing looks for the presence of antibodies in the system, which identifies whether a person has had Covid-19 previously and therefore, developed antibodies to fight infection.

This is a finger prick test that is quick, easy and can be taken at a point-of-care access point such as a pharmacy or on-site at a business location.

NAB Tests

A NAB (Neutralizing Antibody) test assesses the level as well as the longevity of your immunity - the effectiveness of your vaccine, or whether or not you have been previously infected with Covid-19.

The higher the level of neutralizing antibodies you have, the better your immunity. As with our other tests, this is available at our point-of-care access points, or on-site at a business location.

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