Case Study – Bloxham Boarding School

Agilis Health has provided overseas students at Bloxham School in Banbury, Oxfordshire with Fit to Fly and Test to Release tests.

About Bloxham School

Bloxham School is an independent co-educational day and boarding school for students aged 11 to 18. The school is a single-site campus with approximately 500 students.

What were your first impressions of working with Agilis Health?

I had contacted Agilis regarding Test to Release PCR tests over the school Christmas holidays. Testing was a new area of practice for us and we needed assistance navigating it.

I was promptly put in contact with Clark Milton, who was able to answer all my questions very quickly. Overall, the service we received was prompt, efficient, responsive and informative.

How did the working relationship with Agilis progress and in what way did it meet with your expectations?

Clark and the Agilis Health team were very helpful given that this was such a new area for us as a school. Everyone was able to quickly find answers to my queries and solutions to any issues. The service was very flexible and personalised.

Having this professional relationship was very helpful and reassuring as we navigated quarantining and testing overseas students returning to the boarding school environment.

The nurse who guided us through the testing procedure was also very patient and personable; her guidance supported our competence and increased our confidence in completing the testing procedures. This also worked as an effective training tool for our nursing team.

How would you describe your overall experience in working with Agilis?

It has been very positive from the start. I was quickly reassured that we were in very safe hands and that issues would be resolved if they arose. The attention to detail has been impressive from ordering the kits and payment processes, to receiving the results and certificates promptly. This has allowed the school to continue running in a smooth and efficient manner.

The flexibility has also helped us enormously, swapping from Test to Release PCR tests to Fit to Fly tests where this was needed as lockdown rules changed.

How likely are you to recommend Agilis to others and why?

I would certainly be happy to recommend Agilis to other independent school nurses and parents in terms of their level of efficiency, reliability and quality of service.

The whole area of testing overseas students was such an unknown to us and Agilis were really supportive in guiding us through everything. They’ve helped to provide us, pupils and parents with a really efficient service and we’re very grateful for this. We plan to and look forward to working with Agilis again in the future.