Case Study – Enabling Safe Travel During Lockdown

Laura and Connor live in Qatar and unfortunately had to travel back to their hometown in the UK for the funeral of a close family member.

At the time, it was compulsory to self-isolate on arrival in the UK from Qatar. They had to take a Covid-19 test on day 5 and await a negative result before leaving isolation.

The couple have kindly answered some questions on their experience sourcing tests from Agilis Health.

Why did you book your Covid tests with Agilis?

We knew someone else who’d used Agilis for testing and they’d told us the team were very helpful. So, we took their recommendation and weren’t disappointed!

What was the booking process like?

The Agilis team were really understanding, we got in touch before we left Qatar and explained our situation. The rules at the time were confusing as the UK was still in a full lockdown and the rules were different to what we were experiencing at home in Qatar.

The Agilis team explained which test we needed to do and when, so we could book them in advance. The forward planning meant we knew we’d get our results back in time for the funeral we needed to attend.

That was the most important thing, during what was already a really challenging time, we needed the assurance.

How did you find the whole testing process?

It was very easy! We’ve completed a few covid tests historically, but we were still offered a video appointment with a nurse, to make sure we completed the tests properly.

We were sent everything we needed in the post with plenty of time to spare so we didn’t need to worry. The instructions were really clear and it was easy to pack everything into the box they provided us with for the returns.

The notifications were timely and appreciated, they meant we knew where in the testing process our samples were.

Were you happy with the speed of the service?

 We posted our samples back and got the results less than a day after the lab received them which was great.

This meant we were able to leave isolation, and more importantly, know that we were safe to travel and attend the funeral. 

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you to the Agilis team for simplifying the testing process for us, it’s exactly what we needed as we already had a lot to process and think about.

We’d definitely use Agilis Health testing services again in the future and recommend them to others.

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