Case Study – Earls Barton Pharmacy

Agilis Health has provided Earls Barton Pharmacy with the ability offer its customers over the counter, home administered COVID-19 PCR, antigen, and antibody tests.

We spoke to Superintendent Pharmacist, Jay Patel of Earls Barton Pharmacy to find out more about our work together.

Jay was working with other providers to supply customer testing, but he’s found we’re able to offer a service which better suits his customer and pharmacy needs.

Since working together, the pharmacy has generated an additional revenue stream. They’ve also received positive feedback from customers who’ve used the COVID-19 testing services.

Hi Jay, could you tell us about Earls Barton Pharmacy?

We’re a busy, independent pharmacy based in Earls Barton, Northampton. I’ve run the pharmacy since 2016 and we strive to offer a high-quality, innovative health service to our local community.

We offer a range of both NHS and private services including ear wax removal and a travel clinic which offers vaccinations and travel advice.

What were your first impressions of Agilis Health?

My first impressions were that Agilis Health was an excellent partner to work with and very professional. They gave me timely advice and guidance from the start.

How did the working relationship progress and in what way did it meet with your expectations?

We have a very good working relationship with the Agilis Health team and our main point of contact, Clark. They have been there for us at every step, assisting with resolving and answering patient enquiries.

They have exceeded my expectations of working with a COVID-19 diagnostic provider. We’d previously worked with other suppliers and Agilis are by far the better partner.

The team share similar ethos to me and the pharmacy, we want to provide an excellent and efficient service. No matter the time of day or the number of times I’ve needed to contact the team, they are always there to give advice in a timely manner.

Working with Agilis Health has resulted in positive feedback on my Google Business page, which is a win win situation for both myself and Agilis!

How would you describe your overall experience in working with Agilis?

A very positive experience overall and I’m very pleased to be working with the team to provide COVID-19 testing services.

If I had to rate my experience, I’d give it a 10/10. It’s really enhanced the profile of my business and has helped generate a much-needed additional revenue stream.

The team have always taken on board any feedback I’ve given, implementing a test kit registration link on their website. It’s great to know that they’re constantly looking to improve and enhance their service, taking on board the suggestions of their partners.

How likely are you to recommend Agilis?

I have already recommended Agilis Health to two pharmacy owners who’ve also decided to work with the team! I recommended Agilis because, simply put, they are on the mark with everything, and I am confident of their services and ability to resolve any problems in a prompt and efficient manner.

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