Behind the Scenes With Our Co-founder and CEO

Over the last year we’re really proud to have worked closely with individuals, numerous businesses, schools, and pharmacies to enable safe travel and continuity where we can.

Now that we’ve been in business for over a year, we thought it would be a great idea to take you behind the scenes and catch up with Agilis Health Co-founder Vadim Adams and CEO Mike Eriksen.

No two days are the same for Vad and Mike! Whilst Vad keeps busy with developing solutions as well as all aspects of technology, whether it’s in the cloud, the office or in the field, Mike’s ensuring the Agilis team has the tools they need to deliver a first class service.

What was your mission at the start of Agilis Health?

Vad: In a sentence, to set up a supporting healthcare business to ease the pressure on the NHS and primacy care system. The pandemic arrived rapidly and impacted all communities right across the UK. It also helped highlight which services are truly key and need further support.

With this in mind, we set out to develop Agilis Health, focusing on delivering health and wellbeing services directly to consumers, businesses and public sector bodies by working in close partnership with independent pharmacies.

Together, myself and the team at Agilis felt we were able to offer the required level of service in terms of customer support, delivery channels and turnaround times.

Mike: To build a sales development pipeline to commercialise the business and in doing so, define the type of services, support, and potential target market.

Co-founder Vadim Adams

Tell us about your experience prior to joining Agilis Health.

Vad: Prior to Agilis I have been involved in a number of projects, including implementing large scale system transformations, launching new solutions and services for a number of blue-chip customers.

In addition to this I’m proud to have been involved in launching financial service products for the care sector via Carercard. As a result of this experience, I was able to contribute towards shaping the business and growing it from the start to where we are now.

Mike: My background is almost all healthcare related apart from one or two notable exceptions, Coca Cola and Pitney Bowes. I’m not a clinician and could never reach those heights ! My experience in healthcare is all commercial starting with pharmaceutical distribution, then with a manufacturer, who at the time was 1 of only 5 flu vaccine manufacturers globally, amongst providing other licensed products.

After this I moved to occupational health and medical devices, which also included working within the global safety training industry, this also had an element of healthcare bolted onto it.

What is most important to you in a company?

Vad: Our customers and our people are the top priority for me. We want to have a business that customers want to work with, and our staff want to be a part of.

Mike: Super accessible, fast, robust service and comms is everything. In order to deliver this internally and externally, employees must be valued, respected and have a voice!

What have you enjoyed most over the last year?

Vad: Everything. This has been a long journey for us but seeing the business and our team grow has been truly amazing. It’s been a very trying year and luckily, I’ve had people around me that I can learn from and who support me.

Mike: Delivering support to our customers in incredibly challenging times. Being there for them and being part of a team that has never buckled, even in high pressure situations.

I’ve been amazed at the commitment of the whole team, it has been extraordinary. The challenge has been to provide them with all the support they require and deserve at all times, we will keep pushing for this and won’t stop.

CEO Mike Eriksen

Where do you see Agilis Health in the next year?

Vad: We will go from strength to strength, I see us innovating further and launching more services that I’m convinced our customers will absolutely love. We will continue to work with our pharmacy partners to develop and innovate constantly.

Mike: I’d love to see us confirmed as one of the best new businesses to work for in the UK, with an international footprint and base of customers who do not want to work with anyone else!

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