Behind the Scenes: With Our Clinical Field Operations Manager

It’s well recognised that regular Covid-19 testing has been the key to many crucial operations being able to continue safely for the duration of this pandemic. Our Clinical Field Operations Manager, Lorraine Clark, knows this all too well.

Lorraine works closely with our clients to deliver ongoing testing solutions that allow businesses, including essential workers, to go about the jobs that have kept the country running over the last 16 months.

But what does this involve?

We’re taking you behind the scenes, with an insight into a particular long-term project Lorraine has recently completed. This involved working with Traffic Officers dealing with HGV drivers heading in and out of the port of Dover.

We caught up with Lorraine to find out more about the project and what it entailed.

Hi Lorraine, firstly can you tell us about the project?

There were traffic officers from out of the region all staying in a hotel to provide roadside assistance to the freight drivers travelling through the port of Dover.

I was based away from home in a nearby hotel with the officers. It was my responsibility to administer regular COVID testing to ensure any positive cases were identified and contained early.

The tests were administered before their shifts to ensure they were COVID-free and to prevent the virus from spreading amongst the team. Because if that’d have happened, it would have been a significant risk and would have caused a lot of disruption.

The project was essential to keep the freight flowing steadily and on time. The fact that additional staff had been brought in to help complete and manage the project meant that they really couldn’t afford to have an outbreak, which would have resulted in many needing to be off or isolating.

How long were you away from home?

In total I was away from home for 4 months with a couple of weekend breaks at home.

What did you find most rewarding?

Being able to keep the project running and being able to keep the officers safe.

It was very rewarding being able to give everyone peace of mind that they weren’t spreading Coronavirus whist they were out doing their job and that they weren’t taking it home to their families.

What did you find most challenging?

Some days it was very busy and being able to get everyone safely tested before the shift started could be a challenge.

We felt like we were up against time, but we managed as everyone was very understanding and accommodating. Safety comes first!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Maidstone. I really enjoyed using the iChroma II machine in order to get efficient, accurate results within 15 minutes.

It was rewarding to be able to let officers know they were free from Covid and able to deal with the public safely.

Everyone was very friendly and appreciative of the fact I was away from home and working to enable them to do their job and keep everyone safe