Behind the scenes with our CEO: Mike’s trip to the states

As we recently announced, we’ve grown our presence all the way to the USA! We now offer a range of health and wellbeing screenings solutions to business and individuals throughout America.

Our CEO Mike Eriksen recently visited the states to see our new Houston office and meet the team in person!

We caught up with Mike to find out more about his trip.

Hi Mike, how was your trip to the USA?

It was great (once I finally got there!). We had some issues with paperwork, I thought I’d covered all basis, but missed one vital element, this meant having to reschedule the trip to accommodate the additional paperwork requirement, bit of a false start, as I didn’t get beyond check-in first time round!

However, with this hurdle behind me, it was an extremely productive week and it was great to visit new office location in Houston.

What did you enjoy most?

Aside from the fantastic weather and Houston being a great city, (I may have mentioned this a few times during long distance updates with the UK team!!) it was amazing to have the opportunity to meet with customers, face to face.

Discussing the Agilis service offering, business approach and uncovering some great direct and partnership opportunities, was a great experience.

We set ourselves a target of hosting a minimum of two prospective client meetings per day, which we managed to achieve, all of them leading to some really exciting follow up discussions. Overall it was an extremely worthwhile and productive week.

What made Agilis Health branch out to the states?

As a business we pride ourselves on the fact we improve access to health and wellbeing through our unrivalled customer service and leading-edge technology. We’ve seen significant business growth over the last 18 months and look to continue this momentum by expanding our operations in similar way into other regions/territories.

Houston hosts a wealth of opportunities especially within the oil and gas sector, an area we already have a strong presence in within UK, it’s an obvious fit and great starting point. Creating an additional base in the USA will allow us to link and serve a larger customer base whilst also diversifying and expand our service offering into other sectors. 

What services will be on offer to USA businesses?

We’ll offer a range of services similar to that in the UK. From General Health & Wellbeing Screening, Corporate Occupational Health Services, Travel Health, through to Full Health Management Service options internationally. All our services will be flexible and tailored to suit both the individual and organisation.

What’s next for Agilis Health USA?

The obvious answer is significant growth, however we need a few more building blocks to accelerate growth to this level, such as an Agilis US website, which is close to completion, retail on-line sales options, raised awareness across the US, developing our Oil & Gas, Maritime, Industry, Media, Film and TV sector presence, mirroring the UK portfolio, and majoring on the international travel health managed service offering as the obvious entry level discussion point, along with Corporate Health. Lots to look forward to, and exciting times for Agilis Health

Want to learn more?

Get in touch! Whether you’re in the USA or here in the UK, we’d love to speak to you about our services.